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NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind - Hardcover -
I think anyone who has any interest in graphic novels will enjoy NausicaƤ, either for the art or the story, and I definitely recommend it. - Feb. 16, 2013
The Hobbit - Paperback -
A solid introduction to Middle-Earth and fantasy literature, but not quite at the level of The Lord of the Rings. - Jan. 1, 2013
The Well of Ascension - Paperback -
While it is an awkward entry between the great first, and the strong ending of the third, Ascension is still worth reading. - Oct. 10, 2012
Enna Burning - Digital -
A weaker work than Goose Girl, and the least enjoyable of all the Bayern Books. - Sept. 15, 2012
Gormenghast - Digital -
Once accustomed to the style and expectations, reading Gormenghast is an absolute pleasure. - Aug. 4, 2012
Mistborn: The Final Empire - Paperback -
A great start to a strong fantasy series that is full of interesting characters and slick action. - July 9, 2012
Titus Groan - Hardcover -
A rich, complicated world full of fascinating characters that rewards the patient, focused reader. - March 18, 2012
Incarceron - Digital -
Despite a strong premise, Incarceron ultimately fails to develop into anything more than a good idea with mediocre execution. - March 4, 2012
The Borrowers - Paperback -

The Borrowers was a fun, cute little story that I enjoyed reading. I didn't feel like there was a lot of depth to it, but the setting was well-realized ...

- Feb. 22, 2012
Brilliance of the Moon - Hardcover -

There's no other way to say this than Brilliance of the Moon is a disappointing book. I've thought a lot about why this is - why did I enjoy ...

- Feb. 18, 2012
The Lives of Christopher Chant - Digital -

I really enjoy reading Diana Wynne Jones. She has a whimsical and magical quality to her writing that I don't remember seeing anywhere else. Her characters are all very ...

- Jan. 30, 2012
Giant Thief - Digital -

Giant Thief is a fast-paced book full of action and plenty of comedy. I found myself laughing out loud numerous times throughout the book. Unfortunately, the carefree rogue Han Solo ...

- Jan. 26, 2012
Howl's Moving Castle - Paperback -

I must mention that I saw the animated film version of this prior to reading the book, though it had been at least a few years. Still, I knew, generally ...

- Dec. 6, 2010
Brave Story - Hardcover -

I took my time reading Brave Story in part because I finished it in November, while I was writing for NaNoWriMo. However, it was also just a long, slow reading ...

- Nov. 11, 2010
A Tolkien Miscellany - Paperback -

On the whole this was an enjoyable collection, with the first half being particularly good. The three short stories ("Smith of Wooton Major", "Farmer Giles of Ham", and "Leaf by ...

- Sept. 10, 2010
Finnikin of the Rock - Hardcover -

There were times when I really enjoyed the story that was being told in Finnikin of the Rock. Unfortunately, the lack of consistency among the world and characters that Marchetta ...

- June 26, 2010
The Well at the World's End Volume II - Paperback -

First of all, it's worth getting out of the way that I absolutely loved reading the rest of Ralph's adventures in this, volume II. It's unfortunate that ...

- June 19, 2010
The Well at the World's End Volume I - Paperback -

I was surprised when I started reading Well how archaic the language was. I knew it was written in the 1890s, so I was expecting more Lord of the Rings ...

- April 21, 2010
The Amber Spyglass - Paperback -

I read the first two books in this series soon after receiving them as a gift, nearly 2 years ago, so there were some things I may have forgotten between ...

- July 24, 2009
The Children of Hurin - Hardcover -

I've had Children of Hurin for over a year now, but was always afraid to actually read it. For some reason, I didn't think I would enjoy it ...

- June 21, 2009
The Tales of Beedle the Bard - Hardcover -

Tales is an entertaining jaunt back into the Harry Potter universe. The stories are, of course, fun, but it is the commentary by Dumbledore after each story that makes the ...

- Jan. 15, 2009

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