Forest Born
by Shannon Hale

A Review by Scott finished July 27, 2013

In one sentence: A great conclusion to a great series.

This review will contain spoilers!

In many sentences:

First Line

Ma had six sons.

Shannon Hale the First Line of Forest Born

Favorite Quote

Rin hugged him tighter, enjoying the feel of his ribs rising and lowering with a breath, the heat of his heart coming through his chest, and considered that a brother, a living big brother, was the best, safest, greatest thing in all the world.

Shannon Hale in Forest Born

Last Line

Now it was her turn—it was time to let her family meet Rin.

Shannon Hale the Last Line of in Forest Born

Originally Published Sept. 1, 2009

Digital edition:

390 pages - June 23, 2010

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