While you can find various books that I enjoy and recommend from the blog and reviews on the site, searching through all of that can be rather daunting. This page will be an up to date list of my favorite books to read and to recommend by genre. This may also include books I don't yet have a database or blog entry on, but still want to share with others. If you've found that you've read all the books listed in a genre, the rest of the site may be for you!


I enjoyed this series so much that I purchased the paperbacks after listening to the amazing narration by Tim Curry. Since then everyone I've encouraged to read it has been overwhelmed by how original, interesting, and well-written the series is. Easily one of the best endings of a fantasy trilogy, and well-deserved of its top spot on this list.

Mistborn: The Final Empire

If you enjoy Fantasy in general, but are tired of the more common style and setting, Mistborn may be exactly what you're looking for. With a unique setting both in terms of the world and the creatures that inhabit it, you don't have to worry about encountering the classic arrangement of elves and dwarves here. This, combined with the magic of Mistborn, leads to an exciting novel with great characters and fun action scenes.

The Amulet of Samarkand

The Amulet of Samarkand, and the Bartimaeus trilogy as a whole, is a great novel for readers of all ages, but don't think that just because younger readers will enjoy it it's not equally as entertaining for adults. The magical world that Stroud creates is wonderfully unique from other, similar style works. Plus, the trilogy this begins contains an ending second only to the Abhorsen Trilogy, which sits at the top of this list of favorites.

Titus Groan

This is definitely not a book for everyone, but fortunately it doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is. If within the first few chapters you don't find anything appealing in Titus Groan, you can rest assured it's not a book for you. However if you do get pulled in, and remain patient and focused, you'll find a rich, complicated world full of fascinating characters awaits.

The Well at the World's End Volume I

After the first few minutes of reading The Well at the World's End I almost stopped because of the intentionally archaic language. Once I pushed through that, however, I found an endearing classic fantasy that is worth reading on its own merits, and not just because of the role it served in inspiring aspect of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

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