Giant Thief
by David Tallerman


This synopsis will contain spoilers!

Easie Damasco is about to be hung for being a thief. The evil warlord Moaradrid cuts him down, however, so that he can be used as fodder in an impending battle. Easie finds himself in a line with others that is meant to blockade any escaping forces. When a group breaks through, he is given charge of Saltlick, a giant who was injured in the battle. Instead of fighting, Easie takes Staltlick back to camp and, under the guise of getting medicine for Moaradrid, he enters the warlord's tent and steals a bag of goods.

He flees on the back of the giant, and soon finds himself followed by Moaradrid's troops. He passes through a village where he buys some food, and continues on. Soon he sees the village burning behind him. As the following army catches up, he leaves Saltlick behind, lying about coming back to rescue him. He continues on to a nearby city where he used to live. He sneaks in to find an old acquaintance, but finds himself with the leaders of the resisting army.

They force him to go back and rescue Saltlick, and bring him back out alive. They succeed, but at the cost of many lives. It turns out Easie had stolen a stone that made whoever held it the cheiftan of the giants. They planned to set a trap for Moaradrid, using the stone and Satltlick as bait.

Easie, Estrada, and Saltlick fled to the next town, where they were greeted by the Prince and Moaradrid. Easie drugged Estrada and attempted to flee with Saltlick and a load of stolen goods, but his plans were thwarted and Moaradrid killed the prince. They fled again, this time in secret, and headed to the ambush site.

The ambush went poorly and Moaradrid obtained the giant stone. Easie was able to recover it during the fighting and with it he, Saltlick, and Estrada fled to the giant's home. After a harrowing mountain top climb, they reached the home and Saltlick was welcomed back. Easie gave him the stone, making him the chief. Moaradrid arrived at the village, though, and to save a friend's life, they were forced to give him the stone.

Moaradrid ordered Saltlick to kill Easie, but when the warlord threatened the giant women and children, Saltlick rebelled, and scared Moaradrid into falling off the mountain. The stone was lost. The book ends with Estrada, Easie, and Saltlick deciding to go and rescue all the other remaining giant's, and to inform the King that his son is dead.


Giant Thief - Digital

Giant Thief is a fast-paced book full of action and plenty of comedy. I found myself laughing out loud numerous times throughout the book. Unfortunately, the carefree rogue Han Solo ...

- Jan. 26, 2012


"The sun was going down by the time they decided to hang me."

David Tallerman the First Line of Giant Thief

"'Now, did I hear something about visiting the King?'"

David Tallerman the Last Line of in Giant Thief

"[T]here are only so many absurd promises you can make to a horse."

David Tallerman in Giant Thief

Originally Published Oct. 31, 2011

Digital edition:

400 pages - Jan. 31, 2012

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