While you can find various books that I enjoy and recommend from the blog and reviews on the site, searching through all of that can be rather daunting. This page will be an up to date list of my favorite books to read and to recommend by genre. This may also include books I don't yet have a database or blog entry on, but still want to share with others. If you've found that you've read all the books listed in a genre, the rest of the site may be for you!

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

I don't have any idea why Heinlein receives so much attention for Stranger in a Strange Land when this book exists. The plot, characters, and style are all so much more original and well-realized than Stranger. Plus it doesn't devolve into a mess halfway through. Hard sci-fi fans will find a lot to love here.


Gateway uses unique storytelling, structure, and foreshadowing to tell an interesting, mysterious story. The ending does a great job of both leaving the reader with questions, but also filling satisfied with the resolution. The series goes into interesting directions, but it loses much of the freshness that makes this novel stand out. Still, a great read for sci-fi fans.

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