The Areas of My Expertise


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You can not really summarize this book, considering it is an almanac of (fake) information created by the author. Seriously, it is all fake. Funny, but fake. There is a lot about hobos, but there is no narrative path that one could follow, nor that I could summarize.


The Areas of My Expertise - Paperback
It is hard to discuss this work in a similar fashion to the previous books I have read. For starters, there is no overarching theme or plot (unless you consider … - Jan. 5, 2009


"My name is John Hodgman."

John Hodgman the First Line of The Areas of My Expertise

"That is all."

John Hodgman the Last Line of in The Areas of My Expertise

Originally Published Oct. 20, 2005

Paperback edition:

255 pages - Sept. 1, 2006

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