Snow Country


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Snow Country tells the story of a married Japanese man who, over the course of several years, develops a relationship with a Geisha who works at a hot springs. Their relationship is rocky, and ultimately ends in heartbreak for both parties involved.


Snow Country - Paperback

Snow Country relates the story of a tragic love affair between Shimamura and Komako. The style utilizes frequent sets of contrasting elements and opulent imagery to adapt the haiku style …

- Jan. 3, 2009
Snow Country - Paperback

Yasunari Kawabata's Snow Country is one of the most unique novels I have read in years. The combination of the style, as well as the exploration I was taken on …

- Oct. 17, 2002


"The train came out of the long tunnel into the snow country."

Yasunari Kawabata the First Line of Snow Country

"As he caught his footing, his head fell back, and the Milky Way flowed down inside him with a roar."

Yasunari Kawabata the Last Line of in Snow Country

Originally Published Jan. 1, 1948

Paperback edition:

175 pages - Feb. 1, 1996

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