Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness
by Bryan Lee O'Malley

A Review by Scott finished Dec. 7, 2010

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In many sentences:

My biggest problem with this book was the self-referential way that it talked about itself. I don't mind self-reference, in fact I love it, but this reminded me of an insecure high school student who loves something embarrassing. Instead of embracing that passion, they make fun of it along the way in an attempt to be cool. It's like O'Malley is attempting to deflect criticism by saying "I'm just kidding, this is all silly!" Why not just let the book be what it is, which is entertaining and light hearted instead of mocking it for those very characteristics that make it enjoyable?

This was my least favorite Scott Pilgrim book so far, but it's not bad enough to stop reading. In addition to my problems above, there were simply fewer laughs than the first 2 volumes. Plus, O'Malley seems to enjoy trying to do something "different" at the beginning of the volumes, but I just find these parts to be disjointed and confusing. He should play to the strengths (absurd fights, inexplicable magic powers, video game humor) more often.

I'm saying "no" I don't recommend this, but it is in reference to just this one book. I still recommend the series as a whole, and I hope this is simply the low point of the series.

Originally Published May 24, 2006

Paperback edition:

192 pages - May 24, 2006

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