Grip of the Shadow Plague
by Brandon Mull

A Review by Scott finished Oct. 14, 2009

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In many sentences:

Grip of the Shadow Plague shows yet again that Mull is able to write an entertaining, exciting, and imaginative tale for children and adults alike. While it still may not have quite the wonder and magic of the first book, I enjoyed Grip more than the second. The danger seems more real, and the revelations regarding the Sphinx are enough to give the impression that Mull is moving the story forward, rather than stretching the mysteries out to extend the life of the series.

One aspect of the series as a whole that I'm really enjoying is how Mull provides multiple characters the opportunity to be the hero. It's not always Kendra who comes to save the day in the end. While she is certainly important, and her skills are unique, in the last two books we have seen Seth act heroically to save the preserve, as well as Lena, Gavin, and even Patton Burgess. If Mull is able to keep this up it will prevent the story from becoming rote, leaving us bored with a formulaic approach. Instead, each book has something entertaining, surprising, and worthwhile. Though the Fablehaven books may not be the most sophisticated, they serve as perfect snacks between more intense literary works.

First Line

"On a muggy August day, Seth hurried along a faint path, eyes scanning the lush foliage to his left."

Brandon Mull the First Line of Grip of the Shadow Plague

Last Line

"With a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, Kendra folded up the letter, slipped it into her pocket, and walked out the front door, marveling at how fine a line divided dreading the future from looking forward to it."

Brandon Mull the Last Line of in Grip of the Shadow Plague

Originally Published April 21, 2008

Paperback edition:

473 pages - March 24, 2009

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