The Last Wish
by Andrzej Sapkowski

A Review by Scott finished July 21, 2013

In one sentence: A unique and interesting fantasy universe.

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In many sentences:

First Line

She came to him toward morning.

Andrzej Sapkowski the First Line of The Last Wish

Favorite Quote

"Because it would be the first proof I've ever heard of that a lack of faith has any kind of power at all."

Andrzej Sapkowski in The Last Wish

Favorite Quote

"But, Dandilion, I could never resist the temptation of having a look at something that doesn't exist."

Andrzej Sapkowski in The Last Wish

Last Line

"You can say that again," Stryke agreed.

Andrzej Sapkowski the Last Line of in The Last Wish

Originally Published Jan. 1, 2007

Digital edition:

292 pages - Dec. 2, 2008

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