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Shirk: An Original Text Adventure

by April 3, 2014 in Text Adventure

Years ago I thought it would be fun to create a database driven process for creating text adventure games on the web. After the recent conversion of the site to django, the process for creating and maintaining games became even easier.

As a test, I've created a short text adventure game called Shirk: An Adventure in Avoiding Responsibility. The rules are rather simple - you can enter one word (though sometimes basic phrases work as well) to learn more information about the story and proceed forward with the game. There are a few basic puzzles to solve, and hopefully some humor to be found.

The system also provides the ability to turn on an autocomplete mode if you are getting stuck, and a save link to bookmark your progress so you can return later without having to go through the same scenes again. It also will allow for multiple character interactions for more complicated puzzles and scenes, but Shirk is limited to just one character for now. It will also capture unexpected commands so they can either link to the correct synonym and action, or so the game can be updated in the future to provide a response for actions players keep trying to make.

If you're interested check out the game and let me know what you think, or if (when) something breaks! I will eventually make it so that others can submit games to the site, but if you're interested in the meantime I can provide an excel document that you could use to build your own game for upload.

Edit: I've updated the game to have more responses, and to handle a few synonyms/actions more logically. I've also improved the autocomplete mode, so it should be easier to use.

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