Redesign and New Features

If you're familiar with the old some smart, some don't, you've probably noticed that the site looks completely different. These changes, however, aren't just superficial. I've completely rebuilt the site using the django framework instead of wordpress. What these means, practically, is that the relationship between everything on the site is much smarter and more integrated.

For example, I've related this blog post to William Morris' Wood Beyond the World, which means if you click through to the single entry view, you'll see the book listed on the right. This relationship works both ways, as well, so if you head to the book's page it will link back to this post, and any other post about the book. These small, but significant, relationships now run throughout the site.

Another new feature is the favorites page, which will hopefully help to distill all the posts, reviews, etc on this site into a single place where you can go to find a list of my favorite books to recommend by genre. The listed genres will update overtime as I add new entries to my favorite lists.

If you have any suggestions for additional features or content let me know.


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