First Line: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

First Line: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I want to do something a little different with this First Line.  In the last 3, I chose books that I read previously and so in each case I was familiar with where the books were going.  If, however, I'm to take my claim that the first line of a book is important seriously, then I should give serious thought to the first line of a book the first time I read it.  So that's what I'm doing with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  I don't know anything about this book.  I haven't read the back of it, no one has described the plot to me, nothing.  All I know is that it starts with the following:

"What about a teakettle?"

Huh?  Or, in the words of the opening chapter "What the?"  This isn't a lot to go from, but it's not impossible to make a few wild guesses.  To start, it gives me the impression that this is going to be an odd book.  After all, it did just start itself asking if a teakettle is more appropriate.  Than what?  Who knows.  For what?  No clue.  I am looking forward to finding out what, though, and that's definitely a good sign.

It also makes me think this is going to be a more intimate book.  In other words, I can see this being a book where the story is shared with me, like a good friend telling me what happened to them, as opposed to some distant omniscient narrator relating historic events.  I love when books are written like this, too, so if this guess is accurate I'm very excited to continue reading.  As a matter of fact, teasing myself with the first line in this way is making me want to read this book even more.

What are your guesses for what this book will be like, those of you who haven't read it?  And if you have, feel free to post vague, knowing comments like "Interesting..."  or "Aren't you in for a treat!".


Kathleen on 03/09/2010 10:11 a.m.

I just know you're going to love this book. I didn't think about the first line when I read it, but now I realize that it has a lot of depth of meaning that I never would have seen before.

Scott on 03/09/2010 11:47 a.m.

Thank you for the wonderfully vague, tease of a response :) - now I want to read it even more!

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