God Grew Tired of Us


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God Grew Tired of Us tells the story of John Bul Dau, a Christian living in southern Sudan who, at the age of 13, was forced to flee his village in the middle of the night to escape muslim soldiers from the north. In the midst of this civil war, John flees with a family friend named Abraham. With no food or water other than what they can find on the road John, Abraham, and a few other boys make their way to Ethiopia, avoiding djellabas (muslim soldiers) every step of the way. Along this trek, John and his friends are barely able to fight of dehydration, starvation, and several attacks, but they eventually make it to a United Nations refugee camp in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the political climate changes, forcing them to flee the camp and head to Kenya. As they prepare to leave, Ethiopian soldiers attack the camp, forcing all the lost boys to cross a crocodile infested river as quickly as they can. Many are shot by the soldiers, others eaten by crocodiles, and still more drowned. John, however, survives and begins his journey south. Once he arrives in Kenya, John is able to begin a somewhat more normal life. He is able to start going to school, and to continue his role from the Ethiopia camp as a leader among the lost boys. Eventually, John gets his high school degree, and is given the opportunity to move to the United States permanently. Taking up this offer, he moves to Syracuse, NY where he connects with a church, begins working, and eventually starts taking college courses. Though there were multiple instances of cultural differences that John had to become accustomed to, he was able to settle in nicely and start making a difference to those still in Sudan. In addition to sending money home regularly, John was able to bring his mother and sister to live in the U.S. with him. Furthermore, he began a project to have a hospital built in Duk Payuel, the village he grew up in. At the time of writing, the hospital had not been built, but much of the fundraising was completed. John is also now married, having reconnected with a girl he knew from his lost boys days in Kenya.


God Grew Tired of Us - Hardcover
The story of God Grew Tired of Us is truly amazing. John suffers so much throughout his journey, but at no point does he lose faith in God. He asks … - Feb. 2, 2009


"I did not cry any more. There was no point in tears. One of the other boys whimpered from time to time, though. Desperation takes some getting used to."

John Bul Dau in God Grew Tired of Us

"Look at me, I said. I am a Lost Boy of Sudan. I have seen my share of death. When I lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, the hyenas came at night to feed on the bodies of the friends I had buried during the day. I have seen my village burned by armed invaders. I have been so hungry and thirsty in the dusty plains of Africa that I consumed things I would rather forget. I spent many nights wondering whether my family was alive or dead. I have crossed a crocodile-infested river while being shelled and shot at. I have walked until I thought I could walk no more and surely would die."

John Bul Dau in God Grew Tired of Us

"The night the Djellabas came to Duk Payuel, I remember that I had been feeling tense all over, as if my body were trying to tell me something."

John Bul Dau the First Line of God Grew Tired of Us

"That is my prayer not only for the scattered children of southern Sudan but also for the extended family I hope to make bloom, the latest in a long line of immigrants, in this magnificent land of second chances."

John Bul Dau the Last Line of in God Grew Tired of Us

Originally Published Jan. 16, 2007

Hardcover edition:

281 pages - Jan. 16, 2007

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