Half Moon Investigations (Audio)

Half Moon Investigations (Audio)

Before we headed to Pennsylvania for Christmas vacation, Vanessa and I picked up the audio book versions of the first Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from our local library.  These were meant to be safe, guaranteed good listens for the many hours of driving we were going to have to do up north.  Unfortunately, I left them at home and when we arrived in PA, with a four hour drive looming on the horizon, we were feeling a little nervous.

Vanessa's mom, and her trusty library card, came to the rescue, however, and while we prepared for the drive she went to her library to pick up "any Artemis Fowl book you can find" (we have read and enjoyed them all, so we weren't going to be picky at this point).  While she did find the first Artemis book, she accidentally grabbed the book you see to the left as well - Half Moon Investigations. Since we had not ever read this one before, and we were feeling adventurous, we decided to give Half Moon a go.  We made the right decision.

Half Moon Investigations is the story of a young private detective, Fletcher Moon, who is accused of committing multiple crimes and thereby forced to clear his own name.  What really makes the book great is Colfer's ability to flawlessly combine the interests and vocabulary of a teenager with the wit and tone of classic private eye literature.  Within moments of starting the book we were blown away by how strong a character Colfer had created in Moon, and were laughing hysterically as Fletcher, with complete earnestness, reveals the rough and tumble life of a teenage detective.

All of this is enhanced even further by the narration of Sean Patrick Reilly.  This Irishman brings Fletcher and his world to life so vividly that I have to wonder if actually reading the book would have been half as enjoyable.  After all, would I have had the presence of mind to read Fletcher's inner dialogue in the classic private detective style?  If not, I would have missed out on a huge aspect of the book.  My descriptions so far have been pretty insufficient, so I recommend listening to the sample of the audio production available on Amazon (there's a play button just under the image of the book).

This one is definitely recommended.  In fact, if I hadn't finished it in 2010, it would have been extremely difficult to decide between this and The House of the Scorpion for the best audio book of the year.  Fortunately, I won't have to make any hard decisions like that for at least 11 months.

"It was shiny.  He was eight."


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