Recent books on CD (and why they aren't in the database)

I am constantly listening to books on cd in the car.  Literally, all the time.  I do not listen the news, music on the radio, or music on cd.  I don't sit it silence as I make my way to and from work.  There is always a book on, and there is always at least one in queue.  I didn't start keeping track when this book on cd endeavor began (Thanksgiving of 2007, on a trip to Dallas) but if my memory is correct, I have listened to 68 books on cd since then, with 69 and 70 in the car at the moment.  This does not include multiple listens to the same book (which has definitely occurred with books in the Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl series.)

So with that said, why don't I have entries for all of these in the database since that is meant to be a repository of all the books I've read?  This may seem ridiculous, as some have pointed out, but I don't think it's fair to these books to put them in the database.  I don't pay nearly as much attention to them as I do to the books I actually read (what with all the trying not to run my car into other cars).  I don't ever have a favorite quote recorded, I don't tag important parts, or take notes while listening, and I don't have anything to easily look over to confirm my synopsis is correct.  I simply don't give them the same attention as I do other books, and I think any write up I would do for them would reflect that.

However, that doesn't mean I can't at least share a brief bit about if they are good and worth listening to (or in some cases reading).  The two most recent books I've finished are Ironhand and Stargazer.  Both books are part of a larger series, and both are aimed at younger audiences (as are most of the books on cd I listen to).

The Stoneheart Trilogy

stonehearttallIronhand (sequel to Stoneheart) follows George, a teenage boy who gets caught up in an adventure when all the statues in London suddenly come alive.  He meets a few friends along the way (of both the flesh and bronze variety) and wreaks all sorts of trouble.   The series is read by Jim Dale, who also narrated the Harry Potter audio books.  He's talented but, unfortunately, he is the best part about the series.  They aren't terrible, but they are only just good enough to keep reading and to make the drive to and from work more interesting.  If they find their way on to your "to-read" list, I would recommend they stick towards the bottom.  If you really want to be entertained by statues coming to life - just watch Gargoyles.

The Land of Elyon

stargazerStrargazer is actually the fourth in the Elyon series.  They tell the story of Alexa Daily, a teenage girl who seeks adventure in the Land of Elyon, only to find more than she bargained for.  I have enjoyed all four books, mostly because of the sense of adventure that Carman is able to capture.  Still, they aren't phenomenal, and the narrators have changed multiple times, which is always frustrating in a series.  The unique world Carman has created for the series is consistent, but not very deep.  I've recently started his Atherton series, however, it is seems to be a little better so far.  I'll let you know more once I finish it.

I'll try to post more on the books on cd I read as I finish them, and at the end of the year (or more likely in January) I will do a post of the best books on cd I've read so far.   (Special thanks to the Harris County Public Library, for providing me with all these books!)



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